Mike McDonnell runs Rebirth on the lower Middlebury River. Vermont whitewater kayakaing.

Fall Recap 2023

If this were a movie, here would be the part where a montage of news clips play:A field reporter stands in the flooded streets of Montpelier.“In total, the central Vermont region reported more than 20 inches of rain over the summer, the most it has...

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A kayaker runs the rapid All American Boof on the New Haven River Vermont whitewater kayaking

Spring Recap 2023

What a difference a year makes.  This time last year I was writing from the middle of a summer drought, lamenting about how bad of a spring season we had.  Now I write after Vermont experienced its worst flooding since Irene and reflect on a...

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Kayaker Clay Murphy surfs a wave on the 5 Chutes Rapids of the Lamoille River Vermont whitewater kayaking

Fall Recap 2022

The past few years have felt unusual for obvious reasons.  For whitewater boaters in Vermont this was amplified by a prolonged period of drought, meager snowpacks and undesirable weather patterns that seemed to never relent.  It takes digging through the archives to find the last...

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Clay Murphy stands overlooking the path down the dam on the West River Vermont whitewater kayaking

Spring Recap 2022

Are whitewater kayakers in Vermont being subjected to some test of faith?  Perhaps we are being punished for our hedonistic pursuit of recreation.  Or perhaps it’s just an unfortunate and poorly timed climate cycle, a coincidence if you will.Regardless of the reason, those looking to...

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Justin Beckwith runs Lincoln Brook Falls while Culley Thomas waits below, Vermont Whitewater Kayaking

Fall Recap 2021

“Now in early summer, things have begun to return to the way they were and should be, with packed shuttle cars and beers shared on tailgates.” – me, really jinxing things in mid 2021 Justin Beckwith Runs Lincoln Brook Falls as Culley Thomas looks on from...

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Group Kayakers In Clarendon Gorge Vermont Whitewater Kayaking

Spring Recap 2021

There is a detectable strengthening of light on the horizon, and oh boy is it good to see.  I fear these posts were becoming redundant.  After all what new is there to report about the past spring of whitewater kayaking in Vermont?  A lingering pandemic,...

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Fall Recap 2020

I wish I could avoid the overused cliches and tired laments about just how bad 2020 was.  And the truth is, in the insulated and isolated bubble of Vermont, things weren't so bad when measured against the rest of the country.  But this is a...

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Jordan Boofing the lead-in to Playpen

Spring Recap 2020

Spring 2020.  To hell with it. As difficult as it may be we will do our best to not subject you to further opinions regarding the state of the world.  If curious please again refer to the initial statement. My family is safe, I am safe.  I...

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Kayaker in Ridley Brook Gorge Whitewater Vermont


Thanks for visiting us in this corner of the internet, however you found us, we're glad you made it.  Now that you are here, let's talk Vermont whitewater.The ultimate mission of the site is to make Vermont a more accessible kayaking venue.  Numerous kayakers have logged...

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Clay Murphy runs Secret Compartment Rapid on the New Haven River Bristol Vermont Whitewater Kayaking

Fall Recap 2019

After an exceptionally dry summer and early fall, whitewater boating finally returned to Vermont in early October.  What would follow were several weeks of quality water punctuated by two massive high-water events.   Culley Thomas getting some early November laps on the ledges. Fortunately...

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