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Welcome to the Creek VT guide to whitewater rivers of Vermont.

This list is not comprehensive.  These are the currently known rivers subjectively decided to be worth noting and documenting by the authors of this site.  Opinions on difficulty and quality are also subjective and will be objected to by more than a few. 


Rivers and rapids change frequently. These river descriptions may contain outdated information and should be used as a general guide only.  If you are unfamiliar with the run, go slow, scout often and set safety.  Better yet, a guide will make the run safer and more fun.  Contact us to be connected with a local paddler. 

New river descriptions will be added over time.  Keep checking back to see the list as it grows.

Ball Mountain BrookSouth B IV
Barton RiverNorth C IV
Big Branch of Otter CreekSouth A+ V
Bingo BrookCentral B- IV
Bristol Notch BrookCentral B V-
Browns River (Jericho)North B IV
Browns River (Lower)North B- III+
Brush BrookCentral C IV+
Cobb BrookCentral B IV+
Cold RiverSouth B+ III+
Devil's WashbowlCentral A- IV+
East Granville BrookCentral A- V
Flint BrookCentral A- V-
Foote BrookNorth C IV
Furnace BrookCentral B+ V-
Gihon RiverNorth A IV
Green RiverNorth A IV+
Joe's BrookNorth B+ IV
Joiner BrookNorth B+ V
Kenfield Brook (Terrill Gorge)North A- IV
Lamoille (Lower)North B-III-
Mad River (Lower)Central B+ III
Mad River (Upper)Central B- IV-
Middlebury RiverCentral A+ V
Mill Brook (Danby Slides)South B+ IV
Mill Brook (Jericho)North B- IV-
Mill River (Clarendon Gorge)South B+ IV
Missisquoi River (Sheldon Springs)North B+ IV
Moose River (Lower)North B III+
Moose River (Top)North B IV-
Moose River (Upper)North B III
New Haven (Ledges)Central A+ IV+
New Haven (Lower)Central B+ III+
New Haven (Upper)Central B+ IV
North Branch of The Lamoille (Bog to School)North B+ IV-
North Branch of The Lamoille (School To Waterville Ledges)North A- IV
North Branch of The WinooskiNorth A IV+
Patterson Brook (Upper White River)Central A IV-
Pauls Stream (Lower)North B IV-
Pauls Stream (Upper)North B III
Poultney River (Lower)South C+ III+
Poultney River (Upper)South C+ III+
Ridley BrookCentral A V-
Roaring Branch of the BattenkillSouth B+ V-
Ottaquechee RiverSouth B- III+
Otter CreekCentral B-III-
Rock RiverSouth B III+
Sterling BrookNorth B IV
Stony BrookCentral C IV-
Trout RiverNorth B+ IV+
Wardsboro BrookSouth B IV
Waterman BrookNorth B IV+
Wells RiverCentral B+ IV
West Branch of The DeerfieldSouth A V-
West RiverSouth A- III
Willard StreamNorth B- III
Winhall RiverSouth B III