The Browns River (Jericho)

The Stats

.65 miles (lower) 1.15 miles (full)
Flow Direction:

Starting Elevation:

Ending Elevation:

Average Gradient:
125′ / mile

Rapid Type:
Small bedrock & boulder rapids

Put in:
(-72.9937, 44.5086)

Take Out:
(-72.9992, 44.5049)

River Grade:  B

The Jericho Town Run of the Browns River is a bite-size bit of fun, easily accessed and conveniently situated between Burlington and the runs of the Route 15 corridor.  Despite its small size, the run has water frequently and can be run at fairly low levels.  While it may never be a destination river, the beautiful and entertaining rapids of this little run are well worth a stop when in the area.

Jordan Vickers profile image Creek VT

Meet Your Local Guide:

Jordan Vickers

Jordan’s residence is a 10 minute drive from Jericho, allowing him to frequent the run even when time is in short supply.  If you happen to be driving route 15 through town, be sure to pick up the guy in a red drysuit on the side of the road, he’s probably late for dinner.

Homebase: Underhill, VT

Local Runs:  The Gihon | Browns River (Jericho)

Favorite VT River:  The New Haven Ledges
Favorite VT Rapid:  Take out rapid on the Big Branch
Favorite Run Outside VT:  Little White Salmon, WA


The run follows route 15 flowing east to west in the town of Jericho.  There are two options for put-ins.  The upper, which adds a half mile of flatwater but gains a fun 10′ dam waterfall is off of Cilley Hill Road at the first bridge.  The lower put-in is off of Old Pump Road, similarly at the first bridge.  To reach the takeout travel West on route 15 for a short distance until you cross over the creek.  Immediately after the bridge take a right onto Red Mill Dr, which is essentially just a parking lot for the Red Mill.  Park in the back by the access to Old Mill Park.


The put in for the lower run is on Old Pump Road.  Put in just upstream of the bridge.  Be sure to park out of the way and be respectful of the private property here.  The upper put in is just above the bridge on Cilley Hill Road.  Again park out of the way and be respectful that you are in a residential area.


Park behind the Old Red Mill on Red Mill Drive.  This is just west of the bridge crossing the creek.  There is a small park with trails along the creek here.


The Browns holds water decent as it does not take much to run this mini gorge and it drains the tallest peak in Vermont, Mt Mansfield.  If there is some snowmelt happening or it recently rained a bit it is likely to be running. 


Online Gauge:
Ranch Brook near Stowe, VT

Flow Range:
Insufficient Reports For Correlation
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Visual Gauge:
 Check the level by driving to the put in at Old Pump Road. If the first drop just upstream of the bridge looks good enough then it’s all good.   Image shows a minimum runnable level.

The Run

Description: J Vickers | Photos: S Gilbert

Safety notes: 

Do not venture below the takeout.  The rapid below the Route 15 bridge is unrunnable.

Alex Terry runs a dam waterfall on the Browns River Vermont Whitewater Kayaking
Alex T runs the Put-In Dam Falls

Starting at the waterfall/dam on Cilley Hill Road the line is river right and be sure of it since messing up means landing on rock.  Moving water with a small ledge rapid leads to the lower (normal) put in at Old Pumphouse Rd.  Just upstream of the bridge is a  three foot ledge with a nice boof flake on the right.  Passing under the bridge brings you to an abrupt right turn named the “Wall of Jericho” (III+).  A shear wall on the river left and a tight rapid with a hole halfway.  The key is to be in the middle with just enough right angle when you hit the hole. Some shallow boogie in a left turn leads to a straight forward horse shoe rapid (III).  Then the river opens up and turns right through some boogie and a surfable wave brings you to a pool above a great boof.  Most of the water constricts to the left side with a fantastic four foot boof.

Additional boogie leads to the crux of the run.  A two tiered drop named “Mini Tubs” (IV -) a reference to a similar looking much larger drop on the Racquette in NY.  The line is single track and starts off by dropping the first tier on the right and moving into the slot to the left.  This brings you into the curtain of the left side which is fine.  There is a nasty pocket on the right below the second tier so be sure to start right and make the move left.  This is a really fun move!  Not too far downstream is the final rapid that can be run many ways but starts with a nice boof on the left into some small waves.  The river then splits around a small island, choose whichever looks most fluid with the takeout not far downstream.  The beauty of this run is that there is almost no need to set shuttle.  If you put in at Old Pumphouse Road it is a little over ½ mile walk back to your car. This is a great option if you are in the area and looking for a class III-IV creeking experience. 

Jordan Vickers runs Wall of Jericho on Browns River Jericho Vermont Whitewater Kayaking
Jordan Boofs over the hole in the Wall of Jericho

*Editors Note:  for a great end to the day grab food from Joe’s Snack Bar just across the bridge from the takeout, followed by the state’s best maple creemie at Palmer’s, located perfectly along the shuttle at the corner of Old Pump Rd and Rt 15.  

Stepping Stones

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